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An access control system protects your hard-earned investment by protecting your business from theft and dangerous intruders. TED Systems’ feature-rich access control platforms and solutions are designed around the scope of your business’s needs. As your organization grows, so will our access control systems and we are here to help you adapt.

Access Control Systems Designed to Protect Your Business

TED Systems’ access control in Kansas City provides state-of-the-art software and hardware designed to deliver maximum protection for the following:

  • Commercial offices
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Detention centers
  • Industrial plants

At TED Systems in Kansas City, we are a leader in the design, installation and support of state-of-the-art access control hardware and software.

Our access solutions and systems by PCSC, LenelS2, Axis, TruPortal, Sielox, and Software House protect sensitive information and data through the use of coded badges and key cards. Our control systems are also the perfect accompaniment to your CCTV video surveillance system.

You have three options when it comes to the type of access control systems:

  1. Discretionary Access Control (DAC). With Discretionary Access Control, the business owner is accountable for deciding who is allowed to enter a certain area — digitally or physically. DAC is least restrictive compared to the other sensitive data systems because it gives you control over the objects you own, as well as the people or programs associated with said objects.
  2. Mandatory Access Control (MAC). This type of control system is often utilized in businesses that require an emphasis on classification and confidentiality of data (i.e., military institutions). Owners have no control over the entities that have access to a facility or unit. Only the custodian and owner have management over the access controls.
  3. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). RBAC is one of the most popular access control solutions across different organizations. This system allows an administrator to assign access. All assignments are based on the subject’s role within the organization and all privileges are limited according to an individual’s responsibilities.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

Effective access control systems are business essentials that curb security threats, giving you and your team peace of mind. With access control systems and solutions in place, you can determine who has permission to use or see sensitive data or enter business premises.

You also benefit from the following:

Restrictions for Certain Areas

Access control features like keycards enable organizations to control who has access to a specific or restricted area in the office.

Duplication Made More Difficult

Access control features like keycards enable organizations to control who has access to a specific or restricted area in the office.

Protect Your Valuables

In case an individual uses their keycard to steal company valuables, you will know who did it. Access control systems can be managed from any computer connected to your network.

Multi-Location Access

Organizations with multiple branches can use role-based access control systems to simplify a manager’s job of visiting multiple locations. Instead of having physical keys, they can have one keycard for different locations.

Partner with TED Systems

Established in 1999, TED Systems protects businesses by providing quality access control solutions in Kansas City. We are also a trusted provider of quality and cost-effective sounds and communication systems, fire alarms, and other access control systems.

With over a decade of experience providing safety, security, and asset protection solutions, we remain a trusted name in the industry of providing security solutions for businesses in Kansas. Get in touch with us today to learn about our products and services.

At TED Systems, we are the best value in electronic solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sound and communications systems.


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