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Whether it is a fire alarm system, a security system, or a sound and communications system, TED Systems knows that every project and facility requires application design tailored to unique needs.

Oftentimes, when contracted to service or repair systems already in place, we find existing systems that aren’t working up to their capacity (or up to code) because they haven’t been designed, engineered or installed correctly. In some cases, the system components may have been installed correctly but the ongoing service has somehow negatively impacted the usefulness of the systems overall.

Application-Specific Needs

TED Systems in Kansas City has been in the business of application design for over seventeen years. What we do is unique. Every site has an application-specific need for the fire alarm system, access control, video surveillance, audio or communications product that our company supplies. Every site also has a need for design, engineering and installation expertise. Each system installation by TED Systems is tailored to the level of risk and concern for each facility – or each section of a facility. The intended result for this application of security or fire detection systems is safety and security.

System Requirements

Fire alarm systems should be designed and installed according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code. A system that is not up to these standards invites both troubles for the facility owner and danger to its occupants.

Security systems such as access control, video surveillance, and mass notification have a risk-driven application and should be designed and installed to mitigate on-premise risk. If a security system is not installed with all aspects of the building or facility in mind, the risk to occupants and assets is greater. TED Systems has ASIS Board Certified Security Personnel on staff.

Sound and mass notification systems installations are first subjective, in that the acoustics environment of the auditorium and the properties of the sound system must be assessed and installed in a controlled manner. Mass notification systems, like security systems, also help to mitigate risk to building occupants.

Partner with TED Systems

At TED Systems, our goal is to accurately design, engineer, install, service and support systems that are tailored to benefit the specific needs of the facility or building. Anything less invites risk.

We are the best value in electronic solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sound and communications systems.


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