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No matter what seat you choose in the audience, a professional sound system from TED Systems will ensure that the voices and the music are properly amplified and heard with the same strength and clarity as any other seat in the room or arena.

Every whisper and every note should be heard with absolute clarity.

Why Professional Sound Systems?

Professional sound systems help to define the quality of the performance, speech or game. When the sound isn’t right, the experience quickly deteriorates: speeches become muddy to the ear, gameplay announcers can’t be heard, music blares. Additionally, a professional sound system – one that features equipment developed by recording engineers and concert sound professionals – is fundamentally different from squawking address systems. The results are clear sound, transient accuracy, and extraordinary performance.

TED Systems: Leaders in Professional Sound Systems

For professional sound systems, TED Systems in Kansas City is a leader in the design and installation of signal processing units, power amplifiers and loudspeakers. From classrooms to auditoriums, gymnasiums to football fields, professional sound equipment from TED Systems is designed to deliver the highest-quality sound. We can custom design, engineer, and install a professional sound system that will suit the needs of any facility – from small churches to large stadiums.

Our sound system equipment by Ashly, Audio Technica, Community, Mackie, QSC, Mitek, Atlas Sound, Lectrosonic and Valcom will enliven every event or performance by elevating the quality of the sound and moderating the volume to meet standards normally set by the finest auditoriums and music halls.

Professional Sound System Application by Facility Type

  • Commercial Office – QSC, Mitek, Atlas Sound
  • High School Stadiums – Ashly or Community systems
  • High School Gymnasiums – Ashly or Community systems
  • Auditoriums – Ashly, Mackie, Community pro sound systems
  • Banks – Lectrosonic, Mitek, Atlas Sound conference systems and Proxima projectors

At TED Systems, our goal is to provide only the highest quality audio products for professional sound systems – from theater to music to spoken word in any environment.

We are the best value in electronic solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sound and communications systems.


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