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There are no typical installations. A well-designed and engineered fire alarm, security or mass communications system will suffer from functional or operational troubles if the installation isn’t up to the standards required by the system or the code to which it must adhere. When the installation isn’t up to the required standards, the facility owner and the occupants of the building are put at risk.

In our years in the fire detection, communications and security products business, we’ve seen installation problems of every kind. The right wiring and configurations ensure that your system works like it’s supposed to work – protecting your property from loss and damage.

A Leader in Communication Systems Installation

At TED Systems in Kansas City, we are a leader in the installation of fire alarm systems for commercial offices, high-rise buildings, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, industrial plants, and detention centers. We also install and service security access control hardware and software, video surveillance (CCTV) equipment, high-performance communications systems, sound processing units, power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

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Each installation is as unique as the facility into which it is installed. Our seasoned team of knowledgeable, ethical installation technicians have an 18-year reputation. When you work with us, you can trust that we will custom install your system, whatever it may be, so that your building is up to standard and your assets out of harm’s way.


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