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In schools, hospitals and other facilities where public address is an essential part of any security system, professional intercom systems should have the capacity to reach and communicate to all areas – especially remote access points and outlying building facilities.

Intercoms are commonly used as part of the facility communication and security systems. An intercom system offers facility-wide communication during normal operations and alerts during times of security breach, severe weather, vulnerability, compliance and other situations where broadcast warnings are warranted.

What Facilities Use Intercom Systems?

At TED Systems, we design high-performance intercom systems to meet the needs of schools, healthcare facilities, commercial/industrial businesses, detention centers, and other similar facilities. These facilities typically require full-featured public address, paging, and crisis communications systems. Our intercom products combine the features of an electronic telephone network with the capabilities of a sound and program distribution system. All include emergency all-call paging and alarm functions.

Our Intercom Systems and Related Products

  • Intercoms – Class Connections/Multi-Path by Valcom, Aiphone, Axis, Cornell, Bogen
  • Area of Rescue Systems – Cornell
  • Paging / Sound Masking – Valcom, Atlas Sound, Bogen, Ashly
  • Emergency Communication Systems/ Mass Notification Systems – Notifier, Valcom

Our intercom, paging and crisis communications systems are customized for educational, commercial, and industrial markets – including full telephone integration. Since most features are controlled by software, system configuration is easily changed or upgraded.

Professional Intercom System Applications by Facility Type

  • Industrial – Valcom Class Connections/Multi-Path Entry Intercom
  • K-12 Schools – Valcom Class Connections/Multi-Path Head End
  • Campus and Parking Facilities Emergency Stations- Code Blue, Aiphone

Partner with TED Systems

Please contact TED Systems regarding your low-voltage systems needs. We have the products and expertise to meet the expectations of your unique facility.

TED Systems is an integration partner for many of our system product lines. Visit our web pages for security, fire alarm, and communications. These systems can be integrated in various configurations to provide rapid emergency alert coordination and targeting V.I.N. (Verify, Identify and Notify).

TED Systems in Kansas City offers the best value in electronic solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sound and communications systems.


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