Linear Heat Sensing

Company has introduced Linear Heat Sensing (LHS) Cable, to help detect electrical fires even before the appearance of smoke, by detecting over-heating conditions. The company has introduced advanced sensing technology especially for the cement, oil and gas, metal and power industries. LHS Cable is a smart sensing product aimed at providing early detection of fire or overheating in adverse environmental conditions within areas of limited access and surveillance. These unique cables and associated systems can detect heat anywhere along the length of the cable by detecting changes in temperature. LHS is extremely helpful in detecting fire even under wide variety of applications like open area protection, cable trays, rack storage, belt conveyors, power distribution apparatus, cooling towers, escalators, freezer warehouses and many other harsh environments. Where other detection devices might fail, Linear Heat Sensing cables will not. Used within a number of heavy industrial and commercial risk areas, the cables offer reliable and accurate alarm temperatures with the provision of an FM approved alarm point distance locator facility.

Two different variants are available– Digital LHS Cable and Analogue LHS Cable. Digital LHS Cable: a "switching " cable where a change in state of internal insulation - caused by temperature rise to a pre-defined level – allows a short circuit or "hot junction" to occur between two twisted tin plated copper conductors. Analogue LHS Cable: a multi-conductor or co-axial cable, which exerts a defined change in electrical resistance of internal polymers when subjected to changes in ambient/surface temperatures. System monitoring through an associated PC Modulator unit provides fault indication of open and short circuit conditions on the sensor cable.


  • Digital and analogue type of LHS cables.
  • Open and short circuit watch
  • Compatible with any fire alarm panel
  • Capability to withstand the mechanical damage, tensile, water and corrosion and EMI with metal matted housing and coat.