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Service and routine maintenance are essential to ensuring that an electronic system is working properly. At TED Systems in Kansas City, we’ve been servicing fire alarm and security systems for over a decade. We service commercial offices, high-rise buildings, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, industrial plants, and detention centers. We also service access control systems, video surveillance (CCTV) systems, and high-performance sound and communications systems.

How TED Systems Does Maintenance

When it comes to service and maintenance, the difference you get from TED Systems is from our technical competence and the quality of our work. We so often see wiring that has been incorrectly installed by others, and that shields that are not carried through to both ends. Sometimes the system control panels are mounted and secured the wrong way. In the end, many third-party installations and service efforts have only caused more problems for the building or facility. And this invites risk.

At TED Systems, we believe in fixing fire and security systems the right way – every time. We don’t believe in passing the buck to the next service company that comes along. Our technical expertise, engineering competency, quality of work, and ability to listen and communicate effectively are the characteristics that differentiate our company from the competition.

Trained Technicians, Excellent Service

The technicians and support staff at TED Systems know that every fire detection, security or mass notification system is the sum of its parts. Every board and each length of wire shares interconnectedness. Therefore, we approach every service or maintenance contract holistically – where the whole system configuration is examined and a service plan is subsequently developed. In the end, our goal is to improve the function of the whole system, so that the fire alarm or security equipment can continue to ensure the safety of the people and the assets on the premises.

We also service low-voltage products. Our seasoned team of experienced service technicians has a 18-year reputation in the industry. Each follows a rigid NEC standard for the safe installation of any electrical wiring and equipment. TED Systems is backed by $5 million in liability insurance.

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We provide Kansas City with the best value in electronic solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sound and communications systems.


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