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Systems integration minimizes business risk. At TED Systems in Kansas City, we are a leader in the design, installation, and support of state-of-the-art fire alarm systems, security and access control systems, CCTV video surveillance, professional sound and mass emergency notification systems. The integration of these systems allows all components to work together in emergency situations, which is crucial for gathering incident information and executing responses that reduce asset and human risk.

What is Systems Integration?

A prime example of a proficient systems integration is one in which a door inside a facility has a camera that monitors activity, as well as a door access control system that prevents unauthorized access, and a fire alarm manual pull station near the door. If a fire alarm pull station is activated by a person inside the facility, the camera monitoring the door captures video of the fire alarm pull and notifies building security. The video will allow security or authorities to investigate reasons behind the fire alarm pull, check for smoke in the areas near the alarm, and begin routing alarms to desktops, cell phones, and mobile devices on the premises. In addition, a digitized voice message might alert employees and visitors to the fire and advise them to evacuate via the nearest, safest exit. Security or emergency personnel can use an on-site microphone and the facility’s communications systems to speak directly to the evacuees.

Why Integrate Your Systems?

Fire, security, and communications system integration helps deliver maximum protection for commercial offices, high-rise buildings, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, industrial plants and detention centers. Because the fire, security, and communications systems are integrated, the entire system has numerous capabilities that are simply not possible with separate, stand-alone systems. TED Systems is able to offer a complete end-to-end systems integration – due to the company’s unique understanding of fire, security, and sound or visual communications systems.

Systems Integrations: The TED Systems Benefit

  • Code knowledge of IBC and NPFA Standards Emphasis on Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) and Mass Notification
  • Security Standards and Procedures for Crisis Communication and Active Shooter Response
  • Government requirements of Unified Facility Criteria (UFC) for DOD projects
  • Proven track record of fire, security, and sound system implementation

Partner with TED Systems

TED Systems is also your systems integration partner. We are the leader in critical response notification systems. As a critical response system that can be quickly deployed in most commercial environments, REACT offers a comprehensive notifications solution for every part of your emergency and critical response chain.

We have years of industry experience in design, installation and support for fire, security, and sound systems hardware and software technologies.


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